About Us

Howdy, and welcome to my site. My name is Darren Johnston and I started designing and building websites roughly 13 years ago. The truth is I am actually a drainage specialist by trade, and so the change to making websites was a bit overwhelming, but I fell into it quite easily and today it just is "what I do". In truth I find it a thrilling challenge, coming up with strategies and putting them into practise, from time to time attempting to make some income from it and oftentimes simply doing it for the fun of it. This particular website is a tad of both of those.

Basic, easy to use sites have invariably been my goal, providing webpages that are quick loading and that does not include garbage you don't want or need. I hope I have achieved this with this site or at the very least you haven't been dissatisfied with your visit, possibly you will even have enjoyed the exercise. If so then I have triumphed in my work.

I am not a flat pack assembly specialist myself so please do not contact me with any questions associated with flat pack assembly or asking for job quotations for assembling flat pack furniture, the website is designed to advise you of the different ways to identify a decent flat pack assembler by yourself.

I cannot recommend or endorse any particular service, I have just given you a few techniques for picking one, the decision is in the end yours alone.

I would love to to see you here again some day soon and thanks once more for visiting. Darren Johnston (Flat Pack Assembly) - Our Pages